Solution description

Doctome is providing an accessible, affordable and professional telemedicine service, which allows people around the globe to consult a caregiver in their own language by video and chat, anytime, anywhere 24/7, 365 days a year, at the moment of need. The platform combines a CRM with integrated EHR system that generates documents as clinical summary, referral to ER, digitally signed prescription and illness approval. Those are sent secured to the patient at the end of the consultation. All consultations are recorded for QA and medical evaluation.

Technology background and benefits

The platform is composed of web based CRM enabling service & billing management. A fullyintegrated EHR enables the caregivers and the service managers to control the service online. Mobile application as front end allows the customers to interact with the service and the caregivers. Digitally signed medical prescriptions are generated by the system and are interfaced with nationwide pharmacies, allowing people to receive the medication immediately, paperless, nearby.

The team

Team Member

Dr. Yves Bitton


Dr. Bitton is a 58 y/o MD, Specializing in Internal medicine and Cardiology. Yves is an entrepreneur and operates as the CEO of MedTrix, the parent company of Doctome. Yves has more than 20 years' experience in developing and deploying telemedicine services around the globe.

Team Member

Itamar Bitton


Itamar is a 30 y/o Industrial Eng. Operates as the CTO of MedTrix in the past 3 years and is in charge of the technological platforms development.
Itamar has rich experience in project management and telemedicine services.

Team Member

Rotem Shefer


Rotem is 39 y/o. Operates as the COO at MedTrix since 2006.
Rotem has rich experience in operation, logistics and finance of medical services.

Team Member

Ayelet Bitton

Ayelet is 55 y/o. Operates as VP at MedTrix since 2006. Ayelet has rich experience and understanding in customer care, call center processes and technologies. Ayelet is in charge of the methodology and management of the service.

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